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10,000 dogs are diagnosed with cancer every day

Does your dog have cancer? This web site is for you!

You will learn about treatments and treatment pitfalls. Read about the difficult decision making process, how to find a vet, what to feed your dog, and the importance of supplements.

If you need more information, read the newly released 3rd edition of the award-winning book that has helped many thousands of dog owners help their dogs fight cancer.

Help Your Dog Fight Cancer:

Empowerment for Dog Owners

(3rd Edition)
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    dog cancer book

Suzanne Daycock
Laurie, I can't thank you enough for the role you played in my journey with Kerrie and the joyous memories we were able to make. You have done a great service to more people than you will ever know, of this I am completely certain. I read your book cover to cover and it became the foundational tool that I used to move forward with Kerrie.

Linda Campagna & Mango
This book is a bible of information that I relied upon time and time again. Thank you for writing such an incredible resource for those of us who are owned by pets with cancer.

Ann Elliott & Nell
I credit you and your book Laurie, for helping me feel like there was something constructive that I could do to participate in Nell's health care after her diagnosis. I will always be grateful to you and Bullet for that!

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