The Magic Bullet Fund


Author: Help Your Dog Fight Cancer. This book, Bulletís legacy, has helped thousands of dogs and caretakers in their fight against cancer.

Founder/Administrator, the Magic Bullet Fund providing financial assistance to people who have a dog with cancer and cannot afford treatment. Apply or donate online HERE or by mail: Magic Bullet Fund, PO Box 2574, Briarcliff NY 10510.

Author, So Easy to love, So Hard to Lose (pet loss)

Canine Cancer Counselor for people who have a dog with cancer (Ask Laurie)

Mental Health Counselor

Co-author, Canine and Feline Geriatric Oncology, Blackwell Publishing, 2007. Textbook, cancer treatment for veterinary school students and veterinarians. 2nd Ed coming in 2018.

Member Dog Writers Association of America
Member Cat Writers Association of America

Former editor-in-chief, Catnip newsmagazine, Tufts Vet School

Co-founder of volunteer program, SPCA of Westchester

Laurie lives in Ossining NY with STONE (white Sibe mix, 5 years old), Mike and Nick. Laurie enjoys working, hiking, crossword puzzles, KenKen puzzles and Soduko.


Note from the author

When I wrote Help Your Dog Fight Cancer, I hoped it would reach everyone trying to give their dog a chance to survive cancer. I love that Bullet's book is helping so many people and dogs their fight cancer. I hate that there is such a tremendous demand for that help.
The tens of thousands of copies sold are an indication of the overwhelming statistics. Canine cancer is affecting millions of dogs at this very moment. I am haunted by thoughts of all of the people who have dogs with cancer but who cannot afford treatment. In 2004, I founded the Magic Bullet Fund to help these people and their dogs. By the second printing of this book in 2005, Bullet had left me, taken by old age, still cancer free.

The new 3rd Edition, released in 2016, is a complete overhaul. People who have dogs with cancer are hungry for information. While previous editions were a very basic and simple crash course, the new book provides an extensive knowledge base about canine cancer. The new subtitle, "Empowerment for Dog Owners," promises that the book is full of information that you will not hear from your vet. Information that will help you make decisions on behalf of your dog to benefit their dog, not the medical team. Your dog, your money, your decisions!

Magic Bullet Fund  is Bullet's Legacy. The Magic Bullet Fund provides financial assistance to families that have a dog with cancer but cannot afford treatment costs. The fund gives financially challenged families a chance to help their dog beat cancer. The fund allows owners time to create more precious memories and have a long goodbye with their beloved friend and have peace of mind knowing that they did do everything possible to help their dog survive cancer.


Not Today and Not Without a Fight!
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