The Magic Bullet Fund

When you say "Your Dog Has Cancer,"

don't send clients home empty handed and in despair.

Most dog owners respond to the news that their dog has cancer with shock and devastation. With this book, you can turn their shock and devastation into understanding and hope. Depending on the prognosis, you can turn their despair into acceptance and determination, or at least provide them with an understanding of palliative care.

Help Your Dog Fight Cancer has helped tens of thousands of dog owners by giving them information, hope and a job to do that will teach them how to :
  • Ask smart questions
  • Make informed decisions
  • Be involved by providing home care to support medical treatment
Readers learn about causes, prevention, early detection, medical and holistic treatment options, side effects and remedies, palliative care and much more...

About the Author:

In 1992 I adopted Bullet, a Siberian Husky, from the SPCA.
For Bullet's entire life with me, Bruce Hoskins, DVM, at Croton Animal Hospital in Croton NY was his primary care vet. In 2000, Dr. Hoskins told me that Bullet had lymphoma. At that time, I was editor of Catnip magazine (from Tufts vet school).

Bullet had chemotherapy, administered by Paolo Porzio DVM.
I created a special diet and supplement regimen to help him survive cancer... which he did. Bullet survived more than 4 years post diagnosis. I lost him due to renal failure, at nearly 14 years old, still in remission.

My book, Help Your Dog Fight Cancer, has helped tens of thousands of owners who have dogs with cancer. Please help me extend this help to your clients. Many clinics order a supply of books to sell or give to clients as needed.

Order with quantity discount for veterinary clinics HERE.
How many of your patients have cancer?

While writing "Help Your Dog Fight Cancer," I founded the Magic Bullet Fund to help those who have a dog with cancer but cannot afford treatment.
Refer your clients who have a dog with cancer but cannot afford treatment to the Magic Bullet Fund for assistance.

Your client can submit an application online on the Ask for Help page HERE.


Not Today and Not Without a Fight!
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