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When a male dog is unable to control his bladder, it may seem as though there are only two choices: Live with the stains and smells of urine in the house or euthanize.  There is another option!

Bullet's Diaper Holder

This is a very simple design that I made for Bullet when he was on a high dose of lasix for his heart condition and was leaking urine constantly. The ready-made diaper holders I was able to find all required that I pull Bullet's tail through a hole in the garment. I knew even without trying that this was not going to work for us!

If you have a sewing machine, you will find this garment very simple to make. If not, you can choose fabric, do the measuring and cutting and then print out the plan below to bring to a friend who has a machine, or a tailor at your local dry cleaner. Make two or three so that you can wash and dry one while the other is being worn.

* Warning *
Constant use of the diaper holder prevents the dog from being able to clean himself and "air out" the furred area that is covered by the diaper. Urinary tract infections can arise. Be sure to provide periods of time outdoors or on a porch when the diaper is not worn.

Diaper Holder
Bullet wearing his diaper holder.
He never minded it or fussed with it at all.
  1. Measure around your dog's waist, at the bottom of his ribcage, for the waistband. Depending on the elasticity of the waistband and the size of your dog, subtract an inch or two so that the waistband will be snug and stay in place, but not tight enough to be uncomfortable. This is A.
  2. Cut two patches of velcro and sew one to each end of the waistband. Face them in the right directions so that they will meet each other on top of your dog's back.
  1. Cut a triangle from a piece of washable fabric, using measurements B and C. Divide A by 3 and add 2 inches: This is B.
  2. Measure (on your dog's belly) the distance from his "waist" (at the bottom of his ribcage), to the area between his penis and his anus. Add 2 inches. This is C.
  3. Fold over one inch of fabric on each of the 3 sides of the triangle, sew into place.
  4. Sew short leg of the triangle onto the middle of the waistband.
  1. Hold the triangle in place and measure from the end point, up around his butt (around the tail) and over the back to his waist, where the waistband ends will meet. This is DCut a doubled strip (binding tape or other) and sew one end onto point of triangle.Sew strips together where they meet (on his back) after going around either side of his tail and then sew a velcro (or snap or button) onto the end of the strip.
  2. Depending on selection in previous step, sew velcro or a snap or a button onto center of waistband.
  3. Now all you need to do is buy diapers (I used the swaddler or year-one size) and insert one into the holder. Remove the diaper at the door, before your dog goes outside because once outside, he will lift his leg. Replace wet diapers with new dry ones and put the holder back on when he comes inside.
You and your dog will both get used to the process. After a short time, I found that I could whip the holder on and off of Bullet so fast that he didn't even have to stop to wait at the door!

Haute coutoure diaper-holder design for dogs
by Laurie Kaplan


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