The Magic Bullet Fund
Help Your Dog Fight Cancer: Empowerment for Dog Owners
Turn Despair into Confidence.
Become Your Best Friend's Best Advocate.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Bruce N. Hoskins, DVM
Thanks to You!
About Canine Cancer
Causes and Prevention
Early Detection
Lymph Node Locations 

The Most Common Types of Canine Cancer
Bone Cancers
Cancers of the Blood
Multiple Cancers

Your First Decisions
What Other Tests are Needed?
Your Dogís Cancer Team
Find a Treatment Plan
When Should Treatment Begin?
Could it be a Misdiagnosis? 

Your Dog Has Cancer...Now What?
Should Your Dog Have Treatment?
Donít Believe Everything You Read
Donít Believe Everything You Hear
Donít Ever Believe ďItís Just a DogĒ
Keep a Journal

Surgery for Canine Cancer
Amputation Surgery
Pain Control

Radiation Therapy for Canine Cancer
Chemotherapy for Canine Cancer
Traditional Chemotherapy
How Much is Enough?
Intralesional Chemotherapy
Medical Cautions
Treatment Failure
Chemo Costs

  Side Effects to Cancer and to Treatment
Paraneoplastic Syndromes
Surgery Side Effects
Radiation Therapy Side Effects
Chemo (Drug-Specific) Side Effects
Chemo Side Effects
Donít Panic! 

New and Alternative Treatments
Comparative Oncology
Vaccine Therapies
BMT for Dogs with Lymphoma
Other Treatments and Therapies
Alternative Therapies
Clinical Trials

Whatís Your Dog Eating?
About Diet and Cancer
Bulletís Cancer Diet
Donít Forget the Treats
Frozen Fishies!

What Else Can You Do?
Donít Blow a Fuse!
Vitamins and Minerals
Organ Support
Bulletís Supplements 

Whole Health Issues for Dogs with Cancer
First-Aid Kit For a Dog With Cancer

From Warrior to Angel
When Pawspice Begins
When Pawspice Ends
After the Loss

Bulletís Story
Search the Internet
Join a Support Group!
Vaccination Waiver
Early Warning Signs
Chemotherapy Protocols
Chemotherapy Drugs
Schools of Veterinary Medicine
Quality of Life Scale
Reading List



Not Today and Not Without a Fight!
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