The Magic Bullet Fund

Unfortunately, ilnesses and injuries occur no matter how careful we are. With a policy in place, you will never have to decide not to provide treatment for your pets because of financial constraints.

If your pet has cancer, pet insurance companies will not cover the costs of cancer treatment. However, some companies offer accident coverage or general health coverage for dogs with cancer, excluding cancer treatment.

Magic Bullet Fund group policies are available to everyone!
Please consider getting policies for all of the pets in your household. If you click from this page to purchase policies from any of the companies below, the Magic Bullet Fund will receive a donation.

To explore each company's policies and benefits at their web sites, click the icons below. After you choose, click through from the links below, or call and use the special discount codes that are given.

Be a responsible caretaker,
get medical insurance for your pets!
Are Your Pets Covered?

Take a look at these policies. If you click from here to sign up, the Magic Bullet Fund will receive a small thank you donation.


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