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There are hundreds or thousands of manufacturers and distributors who claim that their products fight cancer. And there are just as many web sites selling these products. Most have only anecdotal evidence of their efficacy with testimonials from users, veterinarians and/or physicians attesting to the supplement's cancer-fighting properties.

Which of these products actually fight cancer? Clearly, there is no supplement that cures cancer across the board. Successful cases occur, and they may be due to the lucky selection of the particular treatment + diet + supplement regimen. Or they may be spontaneous cures or remissions that occur sporadically and inexplicably, just as cancer itself may inexplicably develop in some dogs and not others.

Each cancer case is different and each dog with cancer is unique. A supplement that is helpful in one case may be ineffective in others for reasons that are not yet understood. With the information currently available, we must each pick and choose what we believe will help our dog.  Supplements can help - after all, pharmaceuticals are not pulled out of the air or imported from Jupiter! They are produced from herbs and other natural substances. What we don't know as yet is which ones work, how well and in what dosages.


Veterinary oncology specialists are highly educated with a wealth of knowledge about diagnosing and treating cancer in our pets. They work very hard to help us help our pets fight cancer. We need them, we value greatly their expertise and we appreciate the services they provide.

However, we must remember that they are specialists in cancer treatment, not in diet and supplements. For these things, we must look elsewhere for recommendations. Do your research, gather your information and make a list or a plan. If a holistic veterinarian is guiding you, you are good to go. If not, put a plan together by researching on the net. Join a pet cancer support group (see
Support page). The members will give you an education in diet and supplements for a dog with cancer from their own experiences and research.

The best places to research supplements:
A holistic veterinarian
A support group (see Groups)
Internet searches - but always qualify the source!

Ask members of a support group, ask your holistic vet, ask any member of your dog's medical team, for information about supplements that can help your dog. When you find a supplement that you want to give your dog, type it into a search engine and compare sources. Most supplements are available through various companies or distributors. The prices vary widely and the quality may vary as well. Some products are organic or natural-made and others are not. Some manufacturers have superior quality control of their products.

Once you have a list, run it by your veterinarian. Confirm that there are no known adverse interactions between the items on your list or between them and the medical treatment planned for your dog.

Please don't over-supplement

It's not true that you can tell how much a person loves their dog by the number of bottles and jars on the kitchen counter. When it comes to giving supplements to a dog with cancer, sometimes less is more. Read article about providing Sensible Supplements HERE

"125 Fake Cancer 'Cures' that Consumers Should Avoid"

Read FDA issued article titled 125 Fake Cancer 'Cures' that Consumers Should Avoid" HERE


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