Help Your Dog Fight Cancer

We’ll talk about anything you want to talk about, related to canine cancer or pet loss. We will resolve any uncertainties or fears you are experiencing, to make you strong and prepared to face the difficulties of your situation.

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Canine Cancer Consults
We will talk about:
  • Treatment options
  • Side effects
  • Homecare
  • Diet
  • Supplements
We’ll go over your pet’s diagnosis in as much detail as you wish. We can talk about the treatment plan that has been recommended, and whether or not there are other options you might consider. We can discuss home care including diet and supplements, and anything you want to talk about! I will answer all of your questions. I have helped hundreds of dog owners make these choices and become great advocates for their dogs. I can help you too!
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Pet Loss Consults
If you have a pet in palliative care, we will talk about the care you can provide to maximize your pet’s quality of life and survival time. We will talk through the end-of-life decisions you will need to make. If you have you lost a pet, we will talk about your thoughts and feelings about your loss.

We will identify your greatest anxieties and we will find a way for you to move forward. Together, we will turn your pain and sadness into joyful, loving remembrances. I have counseled hundreds of people after the loss of a pet. Each person has a unique grief journey and a unique set of pain and sorrow triggers. We will find them, talk about them and resolve them.

You will survive! Even though it might not feel like it right now.

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