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Vaccines and Cancer

Contributed by
Patricia Jordan, DVM, CVA, CTCVM & Herbology

I am empathetic to the plight of so many companion animals today that have cancer due to the adverse reactions of vaccine administration. I consider the yearly intensive vaccinations administered to the companion animals as malpractice.

Vaccination is the most dangerous medical procedure that is  preformed on a daily basis in just about every veterinary hospital in the United States. This very dangerous medical practice is unscientific, non evidence based and in most cases is done without consent (informed or otherwise) and certainly without full disclosure.

I believe that greater than 98% of the doctors giving regular innoculation to their patients - your pets - have not read the MSDS sheets on these products. They inject their patients in ignorance to the adverse effects that the vaccines, fillers, adjuvants, preservatives and other chemicals have on the living body.

There have been no long term studies, genome studies or any studies of any kind to prove that vaccines are safe. There have been no long term studies done to justify that these vaccines are not triggering autoimmune disease, causing epigentics and transmutations of the genome and being the "inducer" of all the chronic disease and internal medicine cases that we see.

The sickest animals are those that have been handled this way year after year after year. This is "The mumbo gumbo of vaccine protocols," as Dr. Ron Schultz refers to it. Even elderly dogs are assaulted with immunosuppressive vaccines uneccesarily and I am not surprised to often find them with cancer within 6 months of vaccination, especially after the 3 year rabies vaccine.

Consumers must become proactive and save their own pets. The three largest Veterinary Medical Associations are coming out with new 3-year and core only vaccine protocols, but most veterinarians are not altering their vaccination policies accordingly. They are not recording or reporting the multitude of adverse effects or their association with injection site cancers.

I am ashamed of my profession's lack of integrity and
the obvious lack of knowledge. I don't foresee any greater success in the handling of the animal cancer then in the handling of human cancer.

Veterinary and human medicine
will look back at this practice in horror one day, save each day that another patient is compromised and dies at the hand of these innoculations that are anything but innoculous!


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